Tuesday, 7 February 2012

UnSub - Inappropriate Happiness EP

So there we are, friends, the end of UnSub's 3rd EP, Inappropriate Happiness. You can download each song individually with the soundcloud player for the song, or if the song has reached it's download limit or you want all of the songs (including some rubbish artwork) then you can get them all at once from mediafire (assuming it hasn't been shut down yet. RIP Megaupload)

UnSub - Inappropriate Happiness EP Front Cover

Click here to download UnSub - Inappropriate Happiness EP for free from Mediafire.

Filesize - 40.59 Mb
No password needed for extraction.
Bitrate for mp3's - V0 (extreme) variable bitrate, best possible quality.
Tracklisting -
01 - Refused Vs Eminem - I Am Voodoo
02 - The Prodigy Vs Marilyn Manson - A Beautiful Omen
03 - Mr Oizo Vs Faith No More - We Care About Flat Eric
04 - Eminem Vs Nirvana - Smells Like Slim Shady
05 - Cypress Hill Vs Sex Pistols - Throw Your (Vay)Cuntah In The Air
06 - Nine Inch Nails Vs Red Hot Chili Peppers - Closer Away (True Acapella)

UnSub - Inappropriate Happiness EP Back Cover


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