Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Pendulum Vs Linkin Park - A New Immunization

UnSub was happy with how this mash-up turned out because he had never heard the Linkin Park song that he used in this mash, and didn't hear the full song until after the mash was completed. He stopped paying attention Linkin Park because he had a problem with the guitarist and those stupid fucking headphones he insists on wearing all the time. Said guitarist also did an interview with a guitar magazine where he refused to participate in a photoshoot where he was to destroy a guitar incase he hurt himself. How rock'n'roll! And me personally, I find the rapper a bit crap, I'd listen to their stuff more if it was just the singer, he's quite good. And that has nothing to do with me having a soft spot for the singer after he appeared in both Crank movies. Anyhoo, here's a mash by the lovely UnSub of A New Divide by Linkin Park and Immunize by Pendulum.

Pendulum Vs Linkin Park - A New Immunization by UnSub

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