Wednesday, 27 July 2011

UnSub - The Where? When? How? EP

And that brings to a close the 2nd EP from UnSub. You know the score by now, the tracks can be individually downloaded via the soundcloud player or if you prefer, all 6 tracks are here for you to download for free, along with cover art, in one handy .rar file. Oh the joys of simplicity! And if you're all good boys and girls there may be a 3rd EP winging it's way to you soon...

UnSub - The Where When How EP Front Cover

Click here to download UnSub - The Where? When? How? EP for free from Mediafire.

Filesize - 43.22 Mb
No password needed for extraction.
Bitrate for mp3's - V0 (extreme) variable bitrate, best possible quality.
Tracklisting -
01 - The Prodigy Vs Marilyn Manson - Baby Shit
02 - Linkin Park Vs Eminem - Paperman
03 - Blur Vs Limp Bizkit - Give Me A Song 2 Break
04 - Rob Dougan Vs The Fresh Prince - A Summer Death
05 - Eminem Vs Queens Of The Stone Age - No One Knows My Name
06 - Nine Inch Nails - Something I Can Never Have (Ghost Mix)

UnSub - The Where When How EP Back Cover


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