Sunday, 3 July 2011

Hello You!

Hello there and welcome to my blog. I've always loved me some music and listen to it a lot, a bit too much in fact (as you can see - I've played the guitar for years but I'm utter shit so I'm trying my hand at using my PC as my musical weapon by making mixes and mash-ups of songs. I don't have the creative ability to produce original tunes of my own so I thought I'd have a go at bastardizing somebody else's creations. And bastardize them I have. So come dear listener (that's you) on a trip with me that involves not actually going anywhere. Just click your mouse a few times and let my (lack of) musical skills wash over you like a big dirty wave. And of course all these tracks are downloadable, for your pleasure. Or for you to use to annoy people you don't like.

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